Jones Back

The Dodgers welcomed outfielder, Andruw Jones, to their line-up in yesterday's game against the Houston Astros. Although the fans were pleased by Los Angeles' 10-7 victory, they were not happy about Andruw Jones' ugly performance. The batter could not get on-base, striking out four times in the game.

Jones hit the Disabled-List in May with a knee injury. The new Dodger was batting .165 at the time and many fans were pleased to hear the news that Jones would be out of the line-up. The Dodgers finally had an opportunity to start Andre Ethier, Juan Pierre, and Matt Kemp simultaneously in the outfield as the fans desired.

Joe Torre passed of his slugger's pitiful performance by saying that, "He's rehabbing right now." Since Torre's days in the Big Apple, he has always established a fair ground with his players built around mutual respect. The last thing the veteran manager wanted to do was to say something negative to the press that would send the athlete into an even deeper slump.

The former-Brave will get Sunday off. Working two days and getting a day off? This is a schedule that the outfielder could get used to.