Colletti Looking for a Shortstop. Know Anyone?

Ned Colletti is on the lookout for a new shortstop. However, the General Manager has not yet posted a listing in the local paper. Hopefully, Los Angeles will find a reliable replacement for Furcal at shortstop before it is too late and the Dodgers are out of the playoff picture.

The Dodgers expected Angel Berroa and Luis Maza to hold up the infield until Rafael Furcal returned. But that won't be anytime soon as Furcal recently went underneath the knife for back surgery. The Dodgers must find someone to fill up their gap in the diamond.

It is rumored that the Dodgers are willing to trade:

  • Matt Kemp
  • James Loney
  • Andre Ethier
  • Andy LaRoche
  • Derek Lowe
It's surprising that the Dodgers are that desperate for a shortstop. Is Ned Colletti really going to trade away all of Los Angeles' promising young stars? We will find out.