Dodgers Look Into Sabathia

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In recent reports, the Dodgers have been chasing after C.C. Sabathia of the Cleveland Indians. The premiere ace has a 6-8 record thus far in the 2008 Regular Season. However, despite his mediocre record, he is a hot item on the market as the trade deadline whips around the corner.

There have also been reports that Sabathia could head over to the Yankees, Brewers, and Phillies. The more potential suitors, the less of a chance that we'll see Sabathia in a Dodgers jersey. But, the Dodgers' current offer (rumored, not official yet) seems quite promising:
  • Chin-Ling Hu
  • Andy LaRoche
  • James McDonald
Here is the Brewers' best offer to the Indians:
  • Matt LaPorta
Evidently, the Dodgers are being more generous than the Milwaukee Brewers. We will see how this story develops in the upcoming weeks.