Recap: Dodgers Lose to End the Series

The Los Angeles Dodgers wrapped up their three-game series with the Chicago White Sox with a definitive loss earlier today. The White Sox held the Dodgers to only five hits during the entire game. However, both teams struggled offensively as the final score was only 2-0.

Clayton Kershaw was charged with the second loss of his career after surrendering two runs on six hits in four innings. Through four innings of work, the rookie tossed 69 pitches. Evidently, he needs to work on minimizing his pitch count and developing better control on his pitches.

Brian Falkborg made his 2008 debut for the Dodgers in today's game. He pitched one full inning, walking one batter. He needs to work on throwing strikes and not just waiting for batters to hit his pitches into play for an out.

The Dodgers look forward to an exciting Freeway Series with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim starting tomorrow night at 10:40 PM EST. Chan Ho Park is expected to be the starting-pitcher for the series-opener. Hopefully, the Dodgers will be more successful against the Angels than they were against the Chicago White Sox.


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