Offensive Inconsistency

According to the Los Angeles Daily News, Joe Torre is looking for offensive consistency in the Dodgers' youthful line-up. He taught the organization during Spring Training to execute on scoring opportunities and to make opposing pitchers work on the mound. The Dodgers haven't been doing that recently, resulting in losing 20 out of their last 30 games.

In the Dodgers' recent series against the Cleveland Indians, they left a total of 23 runners-on-base. Los Angeles only scored 10 runs in the entire series. If they were able to capitalize on some of their various scoring-opportunities, they would have probably been able to get more than one win in the three-game series.

Joe Torre said, "There really wasn't a lot of at-bat finnesse to it. That has to change. It has (taken) a long time. We certainly know we're capable of being a better, more consistent offensive team." Hopefully, Joe Torre can change his team's ways and get a win tonight over the White Sox.