Ben Sheets to Hit the Market

Ben Sheets of the Milwaukee Brewers is expected to test the free-agent market during the off-season. In 2008 thus far, he has achieved a spectacular 9-1 record to accompany his dominant 2.59 ERA. The Los Angeles Dodgers may be interested in signing him during the off-season.

The hurler said, "In all honesty, that would be pretty tough (not to test the market). We're getting pretty deep (into the season). It would be hard not to (test the market) especially when you starting putting together a (big year)." Will the Dodgers go after him?

Sheets is currently 29-years-old and makes around $12 Million-per-year. This year, thus far, has been the best season of his career. Although his current numbers are quite appealing, the Dodgers will probably not buy into the hurler's expectations for a monstrous long-term contract.