Juan Pierre for Adam Dunn?

There is a rumor circulating around Los Angeles that the Dodgers may trade Juan Pierre, Chin-Lung Hu and cash for Reds' slugger, Adam Dunn. This rumor has not yet been confirmed by either of the organizations. However, this potential trade would hurt the Dodgers' organization.

Although Adam Dunn has sensational power, evident in his 18 HRs and 44 RBIs in 2008 thus far, he cannot hit for contact. His current .221 average has been hurting the Reds' organization. Since Dodgers fans have been dissatisfied with Andruw Jones' .165 batting-average in 2008, they will probably become angered if Adam Dunn struggles at the plate to hit for contact in a Dodgers' uniform. He's not the full package of power and contact.

The Dodgers cannot afford to lose outfielder, Juan Pierre. Although Pierre has been the subject of criticism in the 2008 Regular Season thus far, his spectacular 34 SBs has been quite beneficial to the Dodgers' offense. He may also serve as a permanent lead-off man until Rafael Furcal fully restores his abilities. After he comes off of the Disabled-List, it is suspected that he will still need some additional time to adjust back to Major League Baseball.

Chin-Lung Hu may not be the future of the Dodgers' organization at second-base. But he is a solid infielder with a bright career ahead of him. Los Angeles may need his duties in the future if one of their middle-infielders hits the Disabled-List or if Delwyn Young, their probable player to succeed Jeff Kent at second-base, struggles. Hu is insurance.